Question and Answers with John Smiley

Question and Answers with John Smiley


Q. Your stage experience and experience with learning music.

A. Completed music at highest level in High school and then completed Music Teacher’s degree course at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Have been a high school music teacher for the last 13 years.

Q. How do you describe your interest in music?

A. I have a very broad interest in all types of music. Started with an interest mainly in Western classical music and then expanded out to popular, jazz, fusion and world music.

Q. What is the relation between music and yoga?

A. We have 7 main notes in music and these correspond with the seven energy centres inside of us which help us to achieve the state of Yoga or meditation. Music which is balanced and peaceful and/or joyful can help us to achieve a state of meditation.

Q. What effect do you want to achieve by bringing your music to the world?

A. Hopefully the audience will enjoy the multicultural nature of the presentation. Music in it’s purest form will settle in the listener’s heart and we hope we are able to leave a little bit of our performance in everyone’s hearts.

Q. Is there anything else you want to add?

A. Really looking forward to a return visit to China. Last year’s visit was an occasion that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

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