About the Band

Music of Joy is a unique, multicultural band based in Sydney, Australia. The magic of the group comes from the dynamic energy produced when over twenty musicians, with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, join together with one common goal – to share music that is joyful and uplifting. The band’s repertoire is as vast and diverse as its members, transcending cultural boundaries and ranging from traditional Indian bhajans through to melodic Chinese and Russian folk songs as well as rhythmic African harmonies and of course the music of Australia itself.

Music of Joy has undergone constant transformation since its inception over twenty years ago. The range of vocal styles and instruments reflects the band’s diversity, and their base in Australia has given rise to an increasing number of original compositions and fusion styles reflecting Australia’s multicultural nature. With didgeridoo and a robust percussion and rhythm section, including tabla, dholak, djembe and chimta, the MOJ sound has a very solid ‘bass’ indeed! Add in saxophone, clarinet, flute, guitar and harmonium and the result is sublime.


Whether fast and rhythmical or laid back and meditative, the one constant is the joy of the music and this joy is what unites and motivates the musicians. The members of the band have all come together through their practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, which inspires them and underpins their desire to share the joy with their audience.

Music of Joy has toured extensively both locally and overseas and has recorded five albums – most recently a double CD, “Flow of Love”. Past overseas tours include China, Japan, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, New Caledonia and New Zealand. The band has also performed at numerous national festivals and special events including: the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba; Canberra’s Floriade and Multicultural Festivals; the Woodford Folk Festival; Townsville Cultural Festival and at the Bondi Pavilion in Sydney.