Music of Joy – Canberra Multicultural Festival

857434_507757482609432_1459468341_o    On the Saturday morning of the Festival weekend, MOJ performed at Westfield Belconnen. In front of a massive spiral staircase and before tiers of curved mezzanine balconies, a throng of shoppers gathered all around to enjoy the cathedral like setting and a surprisingly majestic acoustic. Little children ventured closer and closer, dancing or just listening and staring in wonder as their parents watched from a ‘safe’ distance.

That evening, and again on Sunday afternoon, the group headed for stage 6 at the festival itself. On the Saturday evening, members of this Sydney based group were comparing the massive crowds to those seen at the 2000 Olympics! On Sunday afternoon there was a soft, cleansing shower of rain and at first it appeared that last night’s crowds had all but vanished. But not for long!

As soon as MOJ broke into their festive rhythmical set, people started arriving from every direction and before long were dancing, moving and clapping to the music. Even the MC broke into dance at the side of the stage before ending up dancing with the rest of the crowd at the front! Later, as the show was finally wrapping up, the MC echoed the feelings of all, musicians and audience alike, with the words, ‘This is what the Canberra Multicultural Festival is all about’… A rainbow ushered MOJ back to Sydney, but the Music of Joy was all around.

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Performing at the Belconnen Westfield
Performing at the Belconnen Westfield



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  1. Whatta great shot!
    This must have been what the listeners saw from the upper balconies – Will have sounded great from up there.
    You know the nicest thing I find in MOJ and when all musicians play together, is the unison. I love the harmony & breadth of expression. Opens the heart.

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