Commencement of the Sahaja Yoga Music of Joy India Tour 2018

The Sahaja Yoga Music of Joy India Tour 2018 is about to commence and an amazing time surely awaits . The Tour takes us from the Mountains of the Himalayas to the Southern shores of India visiting Chennai and Bangalore and ends Touring Maharashtra. 10 States with 14 programs in 28 days.

Following on from the great success of the 2016-17 Tour, there is great anticipation and expectation right around India from all the collective to make this even more a truly memorable experience.

The efforts to promote the programs are amazing, please enjoy the following promotion of the Tour.

India Tour Itinerary

(15 Public Programs)
8 Dec Delhi to Dharamsala
9 Dec Dharamsala (Program)
10 Dec Dharamsala to Pathankot (program)
11 Dec Pathankot to Jalandhar (program)
12 Dec Jalandhar to Chandigarh (program)
13 Dec Chandigarh to Ambala (program)
14 Dec Delhi
15 Dec Delhi (program)
16 Dec Delhi (program)
17 Dec Delhi to Madhurai
18 Dec Madhurai to Pondicherry (program)
19 Dec Pondicherry to Chennai (program in Kanchipuram)
20 Dec Chennai (program)
21 Dec Chennai to Bangalore (program)
22 Dec Bangalore (program)
23 Dec Bangalore to Mumbai
24 Dec Nargol (program)
25 Dec Nargol to Nasik Saptshringi
26 Dec Nasik to Pune to Jambut
27 Dec Pune (program)
28 Dec Pune to Kolhapur (program)
29 Dec Pune to Mumbai
30 Dec Mumbai to Sydney

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